Underground Army; Miraculous Escape: Celebrating a 97-Year Old WWII Veteran

97-Year Old Witold “Vic” Brick shares his incredible story of his experience as a member of the Polish Underground Army, a Prisoner of War, having his Polish citizenship revoked by Russian Communists, and his journey to becoming American – all before the age of 30.

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Sewing a Future Without Alzheimer’s Disease

Five million Americans are currently affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. Rochelle Moneta, whose mother became a victim of Alzheimer’s thirty years ago, is still driven by her desire to find a cure.

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Vets Serving Vets: Justin Czerwinski US Marine and Community Advocate

You might recognize this friendly face from the HAC TVs or his visits to the club as Justin Czerwinski, Delaware native and Saint Mark’s alum. What you probably don’t know, is this man is a proud Marine. He served six years in the Marine Corps reserves, including a tour in Iraq in 2005.

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