Fitness & How it Keeps Our Seniors Young

We polled over 80 of our members ages 65+ who check into HAC frequently. Let’s hear about their fitness habits and their philosophy!

81% of those surveyed stretch
50% use cardio machines or partake in swimming or aqua fitness
43% of participants practice recovery:
Of these,

HALF use the Hot Tub
1/4 get Massages
1/3 of participants cycle
68% come in more than 4 days a week!
40% lift weights or partake in group fitness
1/4 practice yoga

What advice would you give your teenage self?

In terms of fitness, it would be “balance your activities. Don’t overdo cardio (daily running).” It might have prevented my knee and hip replacements!

– Ann Jornlin

Watch what you eat – less junk. I had a heart attack at 56.

– Dalen Keys

Keep moving every day. You will have many health challenges in your life, but working out will help you recover and feel better.

– Mary Rycik

Exercise gives you consistency, determination, and self-worth.

– Lina Plastek

Try as many sports & activities as possible. Be sure to try some that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. You only get one body to last 100 years or so on earth, so you better take good care of it.

– Ellie Schmidt

How has your fitness changed over time?

Considerably. I have reduced resistance and reps so that I can work out more frequently. At my age, 78, rest is the enemy of physical capability.

– George Emmett

I played many sports in the 1950s and never was taught how to stretch. I didn’t learn to stretch until I was about 80 years of age. Now, I stretch daily. I ran and jogged until age 83. Now, I use the elliptical machine.

– Frank Clark

I write down the amount of weights I use, so I can keep my strength goals going forward as opposed to lifting less weight.

– Jane M Mangat

My weightlifting has increased over the years. I used to do mainly cardio. My sense of functional strength and its importance has also increased as I’ve gotten older.

– Bruce Vosburgh

Do you have a favorite exercise? Why do you enjoy it?

My favorite class is TRX due to its overall body conditioning. However, as an outdoor cyclist, I thoroughly enjoy the wide variety of spin classes.

– Ann Jornlin

Lap swimming. I like the solitary nature and that it is a total body workout. I like that I can go at my own pace with no one judging me. And it doesn’t hurt.

– Diane Kinney

Mandy’s water bootcamp. It is a great workout and low impact.

– Carol Huller

[BodyPump] & yoga. Gives the extra energy that I need, keeps me toned, and yoga calms the mind, body, and soul.

– Sandy Baran

I’m hooked on Zumba! I attend Zumba classes 4-5 x weekly & find it to be the most fun regular exercise. Each instructor brings their unique music & dance style to the class; thereby keeping each class fresh & challenging. I have found my fellow Zumba attendees to be fun & supportive. Many of us have “made it a habit,” as they say & rarely miss a class.

– Ellie Schmidt

What motivated you to get into fitness?

My grandchildren (ages 3 and 5) expect me to keep up with them. That is quite a feat at age 70!!!

– Jule Holt

My parents instilled in all of us the importance of keeping fit. They were ahead of their time and lived into their 90s because they were always active with a variety of sports. My father cycled until he was 92.

– Becky Brewer

To be with other people my age.

– Nancy Shaw

I was always aware of the need to maintain good cardio health since my father died of heart disease at the age of 65. I also understood the need to control my weight since I realized I easily gained weight whenever I wasn’t mindful of my diet. Retirement allowed me to focus more on my own health & add to my regular, fast-paced walking regimen.

– Ellie Schmidt

Weight gain during the pandemic working from home; I lost 20 pounds since retirement two years ago. The smoothies at HAC café helped a lot!

– Ann Ramsey

What is your current fitness goal?

Lose 25 pounds. Eliminate sugar and processed foods from my diet.

– Jule Holt

To remain able to continue to do all the activities I enjoy – biking, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, and traveling the world -until my nineties and beyond.

– Cathy Thompson

To stay active in my 90s! As I am now.

– Digamber Borgaonkar

Be in good shape – strong muscles, cardio workout, keep osteoporosis at bay. Strengthen my core to keep my back strong. The social component of classes is important, too.

– Robin Storey

To age gracefully. To stay active until my last breath.

– Michael Middaugh

To remain strong and flexible and to be able to call upon functional strength when required. I find it is also good for my emotional health as well. It’s good to set goals and to FEEL and BE strong

– Bruce Vosburgh

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  1. Loving my time at HAC, especially the water classes. I’m not a big swimmer, and didn’t expect to enjoy them so much! I hate when I have to miss one.

    1. Hey Robin – so glad you’re enjoying them! Our Aquatics instructors certainly have their devotees.

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