Power Up With This Explosive Landmine Circuit

with Master Personal Trainer Deb Goodge

A landmine consists of a barbell attached to a floor-level anchor to form a long, weighted lever. This dynamic piece of equipment can be used in a variety of ways and is available in the HAC Garage. When the Garage doors are up, feel free to enter and try for yourself! Or look for Deb’s Kaboom SGPT class featuring more landmine workouts on Tuesday’s at 10:30 AM.


Squat Press with calf raise

Stand directly in front of the barbell with feet shoulder-width apart, a soft knee-bend, both hands grasping the end of the bar, and elbows tucked close to the ribs. (A) Begin the downward or shortening motion by bending your hips, knees, and ankles. Continue to lower until your legs are parallel or below parallel. (B) Pause, then rise back, pushing the end of the bar overhead and lifting the heels. Remember to maintain a neutral spine and keep your chest raised.


single-leg rdl (Romanian Deadlift)

(A) Stand next to the end of the barbell, holding the bar with both hands. Stand up straight, making sure to have a soft bend in the knees. (B) When you’re ready to perform the movement, shift your weight to the outside leg and hinge at the hips, leaning forward as far as your hamstring flexibility will allow. Simultaneously extend the inside leg behind you for balance and make sure to keep your back straight. Stand back up and repeat for your desired rep amount. Do the same number of reps on each leg.



(A) Face at a 90-degree angle from the anchor using a mixed grip. Lower your body to a deadlift position by bending your knees and slightly hinging forward at the hips. Be sure to keep your back straight. (B) Explode upwards, thrusting your hips forward while pulling the barbell up toward the shoulders, catching it at chest level with elbows, once again, underneath the bar. Rotate your hips and torso toward the anchor while extending both arms straight, pushing the barbell away from you. Control the weight back to the set position to complete a full rep. Perform all reps on the same side before switching.



(A) With your feet shoulder-width apart and hinged at the hip, maintaining a neutral spine, grab the barbell with one hand. Place the opposite elbow on your knee to help stabilize the lower back and pelvis. (B) Pull the bar towards your chest, making sure to pause and contract at the top of the movement. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat for intended reps before switching sides.


half rotation

(A) Place both hands on the bar, a soft bend in the knee, and feet in slightly different directions, one facing the rotational direction and the other pivoting toward the anchor. Begin with your body rotated toward the direction of your outside foot. Weight should be distributed to this foot to start. (B) Place the bar by the outside hip and rotate toward the anchor, simultaneously lifting the bar upward, stopping at the mid line of your body. Once facing the anchor, with both hands still on the bar, return back to the start position and repeat. As you rotate, your weight should shift from the outside foot to the center. Be sure to explode toward the center and control your weight when returning to the starting position. Switch sides after performing all intended reps.

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