Burn Calories and Sculpt Muscle From the Pool

with Master Personal Trainer, Mandy Bushey

I hear it time and time again: people saying that swimming laps is so boring or working out in the pool just is not hard enough for me. Well, did you know that working out in the water even just 1 day a week can help prevent injury, improve athletic performance, and build muscle without any stress to the joints? Oftentimes people just aren’t sure what to do when they get in the water.  These 5 exercises, mixed with lap swimming or aqua running (not jogging) make for a great calorie-busting workout.  I suggest doing 2 sets of each exercise followed by 3-5 laps of swimming or running. When running in the water, make sure not to lean forward, as this puts unnecessary stress on the back. Try not to rest in between and remember that even though you are in the water it still is important to stay hydrated.

1. Power Jumping Jacks

Stand in chest-deep water with feet wide and arms straight out to your sides (think the letter X).  Jump straight up into the air, bringing legs together and arms down to the sides quickly. Pop legs and arms back out, landing in your starting position, and immediately jump again. Aim for 10 to 25 repetitions or 1 minute without stopping.

2. Legs Tucked with a Dribble

In chest-depth or deeper water, lift both feet off bottom like you are sitting in a chair. Hold legs still in that position and move arms at your sides like you’re dribbling basketballs off the bottom of the pool. Try to make your shoulders rise out of the water.  Maintain this exercise for 1 minute.

3. Quad Burners

 Starting in the shallow end of the pool, place pool noodle behind your back. Lift legs off bottom and maintain posture as if sitting on a chair.  Kicking strictly by bending and straightening the knees back up the entire length of the pool. When you reach the far wall, maintain position and kick 20 more times before resting.        

4. Deep Water Swinging Abs

In the deep end of the pool, bend your knees and place both feet on the wall behind you. Keeping knees and ankles together, throw your feet straight out in front of you and then swing them back to the starting position on the wall. Arms will tread water. Do 10 to 25 repetitions

5. Deep Water Chest Fly

Place both feet behind you on the wall in the deep end of the pool. Using a hugging motion, bring your arms around to push your body back towards the wall. Try to maintain contact between your feet and the walll. Note that your posture should consist of a kneeling position, not straight legs. Do this for 1 minute straight.

Mandy Bushey has been training athletes in the pool for over 15 years. To learn more about individual aquatic training or to try one of our small group training classes for free, contact mandybushey@gmail.com or call Maria Crennan at (302) 239-6688 x 121 There are different class levels for the beginner exerciser to the top athlete. 

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