Meet HAC Member Robert, Who Is Setting Sail to SUNY Maritime

Q: Where are you going to school? How did you develop an interest in a maritime career?

A: In the fall I am attending SUNY Maritime to study Marine Transportation to get my Deck License. My interest in a maritime career developed through going on many cruises with my family and falling in love with being on the water and having the ability to travel the world through your job.

Robert and Personal Trainer, Andrea Bradley, have worked together since Nov. 2021.

Q: Who or what are your biggest inspirations?

A: My biggest fitness inspiration is my Aunt Liz because she got me into training and exercising, and my other inspirations are my parents for showing me how much hard work pays off.

Q: What goals are you currently pursuing?

A: The fitness goal that I am currently pursuing is to be able to do more than just the minimum requirements on the physical readiness test at my college but also to never stop improving on my fitness and to never go back to being the couch potato that I was.

Q: What has living through a pandemic taught you?

A: Living through the pandemic has taught me how important my family is to me.

Q: Any other hobbies/interests?

A: My other hobbies include traveling, swimming in the summer, and trying new

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