Gain Holiday Pleasures without Adding a Pound

by Lisa Maguire

Let’s get real, a part of the holiday fun is indulging in all those holiday treats. But in reality, when the holiday is over, and you hover over that scale, all the regret and disappointment begins to pour over you because of the added pounds. That’s exactly why we’ve mastered a no-weight-gain plan for the holidays; to help you enjoy your days off to the fullest, without having to loosen a single button at the end of any of those meals! 

Tips for Triumph 

In truth, it’s hard to enjoy the holidays when you feel heavy, bloated, and the need to cover up with an oversized sweatshirt. You’ll most likely find yourself harping over your lack of self-control, rather than enjoying your time off with your friends or family. Project 0 starts you off with 8 tips to get you headed on the right track before you pack your bags for that well-deserved holiday. The eight golden tips for success involves acknowledging your limitations and temptations, realistically pairing up your goals with your actions, kicking off this life-changing process with baby steps to avoid overwhelming yourself, keeping an eye on your success and always being prepared for any on-track readjustments. As soon as you sign up for Project Zero you will have the privilege of viewing these uplifting, weight-dropping tips in more detail! 

HAC Membership

Your HAC Membership comes with over 150 free weekly fitness classes! Now’s your chance to finally try out Aqua Zumba, Core Strengthening classes, weight classes and more! Integrating a healthy level of exercise into your schedule is vital for weight loss. Since there is an abundance of classes to choose from, Project 0 offers strategies and tips on how to approach choosing the right exercises for you. This way you’re not just targeting one body part, but are sure to include all the necessary steps for total body fitness. This way, you’ll truly have the confidence to wear that bewitching dress or those fitted pants to your upcoming holiday gathering.

As soon as you get past the mental fears of failure, you’ll suddenly grasp just how essential movement and getting your heart rate up is for your overall life. By the time the holidays arrive, you’ll already have synced up to the rhythm of your workout routine so much that you won’t want to skip out on the opportunity to get your body moving. So, get ready to release those happy endorphins and drop those unnecessary pounds! 

The Essential Diet Plan

Ever heard of the expression, ‘You are what you eat?’ There’s certainly a whole lot of truth in that statement. While exercising is fundamental for weight loss and healthy living, setting yourself up with healthy eating habits is an integral ingredient for an energetic and holistic lifestyle. Educating yourself on the value of nutrition, and the benefits and damage of what you eat, is absolutely a form of empowerment. With Project 0’s astute meal plan, you will now have control over what you eat. Finally, as soon as those holidays arrive, you’ll be more than prepared to serve yourself the right food selection and proportions your body needs to feel its best. Learn the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what foods to eat, and which to avoid, and witness how much a little education can transform your choices, and therefore your life. Project Zero challenges you to take control of your body and mind, are you ready for the challenge?


Hockessin Athletic Club opened its doors on June 10 2007. Boasting over 100,000 sq. ft., a 5-pool aquatics complex, and over 200+ weekly group and aqua fitness classes, it is Delaware's premier fitness destination. 100 Fitness Way, Hockessin, DE ·

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