The Benefits of Being a Traveling Yogi

by Rachel Tallant and Maria DiCamillo

September is National Yoga Month. National Yoga month was designed to educate the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Here at HAC, we believe yoga is communal and it builds support, strength, and fosters the heart, soul, and spirit of community. Yoga encourages you to experience an authentic and healthy lifestyle and to discover your voice, vision, and core intentions.

Some of our HAC yogis have recently shared their experiences of traveling and connecting their hearts, minds, and bodies to locations across the world.

Through traveling and yoga, you are able to reveal your inner self through observing, listening, and learning about the culture that encompasses you. A new place can cause an energetic exchange between your body, the location, and all the new people that you meet.

Jen LaFrankie
“Hearth Mudra representing my love for the ocean and its healing properties. Pure Namaste”

Yoga can be beneficial for your health as well as spiritual and emotionally while traveling. Practicing yoga while you are traveling can help curb anxiety, help reduce jet lag, lower stress levels, boost blood flow and energy, boost your immune system, and helps you to not feel the effects of sitting on a mode of transportation for lengthy timeframes. By incorporating yoga practices into your travels you may have a more positive travel experience as well as connecting spiritually and emotionally more with the places you visit.

Yoga will enable you to improve your physical endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.  It will exhilarate your soul, open your heart and mind, and allow you to discover the pure joy to be present and the freedom to let go and enjoy your surroundings. 

We offer a variety of unique and creative yoga classes and styles.  In addition, we have special classes, seasonal celebrations, spiritual disciplines, workshops, and community classes. Our program here at Hot Yoga at Hockessin Athletic Club will continue to evolve and will strengthen and fortify the natural connection between mind, body, and soul.

Jen Besten
The “What Lifts You” angel wing mural in the Gulch. Representing there is something higher.

If you are just starting to venture into yoga try one of our 8 Align classes to learn postures to align, strengthen, and balance your mind and body. The class will help you develop a strong foundation and a deeper level of focus, flexibility, and concentration.

Join us for a pop-up yoga class in celebration of National Yoga Month on Sunday, September 29th.

Together let’s celebrate the fundamentals of yoga and allow it to empower you with a deeper understanding of your truest self and appreciate in gratitude all that we have in our lives.


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