Let’s get Avo-Crazy with 10 Avocado Recipes

by Kristen Troy

Are you avo-crazy? I know I am. The avocado craze doesn’t just give us some funny puns, cute accessories, and clothing, it gives us a healthy versatile ingredient. I have compiled some delicious out-of-the-box avocado recipes for you to try in honor of National Avocado Day. 

Avocados at breakfast are not unheard of, recent trends have people baking eggs in half an avocado or adding avocado slices to garnish breakfast sandwiches or egg dishes. Add some variety to your avocado breakfasts with Blueberry Avocado Pancakes!

You may have seen sandwiches layered with avocado slices but have you seen the Smashed Chickpea & Avocado Salad sandwich? This sandwich is a great vegan option that can add variety to anyone’s life. Switch out your tuna or egg salad for some chickpeas.

For me, this childhood favorite can be made in so many variations and still have a nostalgic effect. Deviled eggs are a favorite for picnics, barbeques, family events, or when you are just craving a deviled egg. Spice up your next batch of deviled eggs with some avocado!

Avocado toast is popular in many brunch restaurants and an easy meal to throw together at home. If you want to make your toast more colorful and flavorful add some strawberries and basil.

Who says you can’t enjoy soup during the hot summer? Avocados say you can just make it a chilled soup! This chilled soup is great for summer nights when you want to cool down.

A classic Mediterranean cucumber tomato salad can be livened up with some healthy omega-3 fatty acids from avocado chunks. Try out this delicious salad as a packed lunch or part of a dinner.

Guacamole is a delicious dip made from avocados but what if you aren’t in the mood for guac and need to use up some avocados and chips? This easy 2-minute recipe takes 2 ingredients and your choice of seasonings. A dip like this is easy to customize to your desired flavor profile.

Making a dressing out of avocados helps to keep the green coloring without the potential for browning. The dressing can be used on salads, vegetables, and meats.

Any pasta lovers out there? Incorporating an avocado pasta sauce into your pasta rotation can give you a fresh flavor to use on any type of noodle from traditional noodles to zoodles.

Avocados aren’t just savory, they can be used in sweet creations as well. From brownies to ice cream avocados can be utilized across the sweets board. Check out the chocolate avocado popsicle recipe below to add a healthy twist to your summer-time treats.

For more great avocado recipes check out our National Avocado Day Pinterest Board


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