5 Quick Kickboxing Combos for High Calorie Burn & Stress Relief

with Master Personal Trainer, Mike Patterson

Kickboxing has many benefits.  It has been proven to not only be a great calorie burner, but also a great stress reducer and an asset in a self-defense situation. By incorporating kickboxing into your weekly fitness routine, you will develop not only a healthy body but a healthy mind.  I am going to provide 5 techniques to help you get started, but first, let’s talk go over some of the basic positions and movements.

1. Stance

You should have a staggered, balanced stance with your dominant side in the back. You want to stay on the balls of your feet to move easily.  Your hands NEED to be up and guarding your face and chin.

Proper kickboxing stance

2. Jab

A straight punch with your front hand.  Take a very small step forward when you execute this technique. Power from kickboxing comes from your lower body, not your upper body.

3. Cross

A straight punch with your dominant hand.  Drive the punch forward, by rotating your torso and coming up on the ball of your back foot.

4. Hook

This punch can come from either your front hand or your back hand.  With your thumb facing up, execute this punch by lifting your elbow up with your arm bent and performing a hook like motion.  If performing with your front hand, twist your torso and come up on the ball of your front foot.  If performing this technique with your dominant side, rotate your torso and come up on the ball of your back foot.

5. Knee

With your dominant leg, strike the bag with your knee, driving forward and toward the bag by slightly while arching your back and coming up on the ball of your front foot.

6. Roundhouse Kick

This kick differs based on which martial art style that you are studying.  In kickboxing, you want to strike with your shin.  The reason is that you have a greater chance of hitting your target with more surface area.  Other styles may have you strike with the top of the foot or the ball of your foot.  To perform this technique, simultaneously pivot on the ball of your front foot and rotate your torso. Bring your back leg up and snap it out to your target.

The most important things are to keep your hands up and drive each motion with your legs, hips, and core, not just your upper body. Maintaining good form will help you get the most out of your movements.

Putting it Together

  1. Jab- Cross — 30-60 seconds
  2. Hook- Cross — 30-60 seconds
  3. Jab – Knee Strike — 30-60 seconds
  4. Jab-Cross-Roundhouse Kick — 30-60 seconds
  5. Jab – Cross – Hook – Roundhouse Kick — 30- 60 seconds

The above is a sample workout that you can do.  You can make any combination up that you want.  Just make sure it flows and you have fun.


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