Beauty Basics & Positive Thinking for Mental Wellness

When you think about it, self-care is a really broad topic. We think a lot about exercise or diet, and talk a lot about physical well-being like heart health, but what about self-confidence? The experts at Currie Salon remind us how great taking the time to take care of our exterior can make us feel on the interior.

1). Steamy-hot Showers or Baths

The heat relaxes the muscles, and feeling clean always feels great.


2). Creating Glowing Skin (You too, fellas!)

Regular exfoliation of your skin rids your outer layer of dead skin cells leaving behind a beautiful natural glow.


3). Facial Skin Treatments

There are many variations of facials available, and paying special attention to the skin that gets most outward attention (our faces!) is an important part of feeling great about the skin we’re in.


4). Therapeutic Massage

There are many benefits of massage, mental and physical. Regular massage can increase blood flow, reduce stress, and improve overall mood.


5). Taking care of your digits

Taking the time to make sure your fingers and toes are nicely maintained is a small and simple way to help improve overall self-image.


Shape Magazine also weighs in on the topic, citing Canadian research that found in a study of more than 3000 people, those who were less self-critical were far less stressed than their self-loathing counterparts. In addition to good beauty basics, they suggest these tools for keeping your glass half-full:

  1. Forgot something important like a birthday? You’re not the worst daughter ever, just grab a belated gift and make good for it. Your honesty and sincerity will save you the guilt and (hopefully) bring a smile to mom’s face.
  2. Treat yourself kindly when you’re feeling down – a favorite treat, manicure, or other goodies can go a long way in making you feel better.
  3. Take a few minutes each week or each day to reflect on what makes you awesome instead of focusing on the things you aren’t good at – this positive reinforcement about your strengths is proven to improve self-image.


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