Full-Body Blast in 5 Targeted Moves

with HAC Personal Trainer, Pat Valentine

Whether you are just starting off your fitness journey or have been working out for a while, being able to incorporate a full body workout is always beneficial. While performing a full body workout, you should focus on the major muscle groups, such as the chest, back, legs, and abs. It is good to mix up exercises and work in different planes of motion to change the stimulation and promote growth.

The below workout can be performed tabata style, with 10 seconds of rest between each exercise type, and performed three times through. Do 8-12 reps of each exercise with a moderate weight for your ability. Don’t know what weight to start with? Check out this video from our trainers, or use one of your two free personal training sessions to figure out a good starting point for you.

1). Chest Press: (Chest)

Step a: Arms straight and dumbbells together over chest.

Step b: Bend arms until elbows are in line with shoulders.

Step c: Push dumbbells up until arms are straight over chest.

2). Bent-Over Row: (Back)

Step a: Set up with back in straight line.

Step b: Pull arm with dumbbell to hip.

Step c: Lengthen same arm until fully extended.

3). KB Step-Up: (Legs)

Step a: Stand tall with feet together

Step b: Step up with one foot

Step c: Step down with same foot

Step d: Alternate legs.

4). Bicep Curl: (Arms-Biceps)

Step a: Keep palms facing sky.

Step b: Keep elbows tucked by side.

Step c: Slowly bring one arm up, finishing with dumbbell at shoulder

Step d: Slowly lengthen same arm until starting position.

Step 5: Alternate Arms.

5). Core Rotation: (Abs)

Step a: Walk band out until desired tension

Step b: Fully extend arms in front of chest

Step c: Rotate upper body of you range of motion, keeping hips facing forward.

Step d: Slowly rotate back to starting position.


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