5 Break-the-Routine Moves to Build Abs Fast

with HAC Personal Trainer, Ethan Irons

Whether you’re working out for your summer beach body or to improve trunk stability and strength, Ethan’s five favorite core exercises will get you there.

Before watching the video below, check out these tips and tricks will help you get a great core workout, and with minimal equipment, too.

1. Dead Bug

Perform (3) sets of 10 reps on each side

Keep the lower back flat to engage the abdominals and resist arching your back as you extend your arm and leg. When extending, you should always be using an opposite arm and leg (i.e. left leg and right arm). Bring your extended arm and leg back to their starting positions before switching sides.

2. High Plank with Reach

Perform (3) sets of 20 reps

This one’s an extension of your average plank. Place a visual target, such as a dumbbell or other static object, in front of you on the floor. Keeping your arms straight, reach out to touch the object while in plank position, alternating arms. Don’t place your target so far that you’re forced to lean forward with each reach; 10-12 inches of space between your hands and your target is all you need.

3. Press and Raise

Perform (4) sets of 15 reps

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For this exercise, you’ll need a resistance band and some sort of anchor to hold one end of the band in place (a dumbbell works perfectly for the anchor). Holding the unpinned end of the resistance band with both hands out in front of you, raise your arms above your head, bring them back down in front of you, and then pull in towards your chest. You’ll want to focus on using your abdominals and obliques to resist any movement in the trunk and hips.

4. High Plank Row

Perform (4) 30-second sets

Gotta love those planks, right? This time, you’ll hold a plank position with a weight in one hand for 30 seconds, then switch arms. Keep your rowing arm at a 90 degree angle. When rowing, try your best to resist shifting your hips.

5. Hollow Body Hold

Perform (4) 30-second sets

Lastly using the same tips as the dead bug, try the hollow body hold. Keep your back as flat as possible while holding the position, and aim to hold it for 30 seconds at a time.



Ethan IronsRemember, all the times and repetitions given should be worked up to. The priority with each exercise should be proficiency in every movement, therefore it’s more beneficial to perform 10 repetitions out of 20 if you can only perform 10 quality reps. Before you know it, you will be increasing the times and reps until you’ve performed the workout in full. Let me know which one of these exercises is your new favorite!

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