Group Fitness Highlight: Cycling

By Susan Storm

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or someone looking for a great cardio workout, we have it all in our RPM studio. With great music pumping and the group spinning as one, you are sure to improve your aerobic capacity, burn calories and fat, and get fit.

New members frequently tell me that they look inside the RPM studio and are a bit intimidated by how hard everyone is working – they feel like they won’t be able to keep up. Here’s the good news: you are in control when you take a cycle class. Your speed and resistance are determined by you. The reality is that beginners and regular “spinners” can all work together to achieve fitness goals. It doesn’t get better than that!

march-2018-cyclingHAC Cycle Instructors: Back row: Mike Janis, Liz Sylves, Rita Crowley, Judy Velasquez, Susan Storm, & Jamie Cheney; Front row: Milinda Atallian, Carolyn Saint, Stephanie Jacobs, & Cheryl Richards; Not pictured: Chuck Hall, Bill Freeborn, Gina Reich, Bridget Filipowski, Amy Archer, Scott Armstrong, Cheri Doyle, & Rich Talley


Here’s a look at the differences between each class type to help you decide where to start and what to expect:

Our “CYCLE” CLASSES are created by each of our certified and experienced instructors. They carefully craft their own music playlist and pair it with moves that work with each track. You will climb, sprint, and ride for endurance for about an hour.

  • RPM™ is a Les Mills program that takes you on a choreographed journey including hills, speed work, jumps, and more. Our highly trained instructors will help you work through the tough parts! You will draw on the group’s energy and find your rhythm in the music. Most RPM classes last about 50 minutes.
  • SPRINT™, our latest Les Mills offering, is a HIIT class on the bike. Your trained “coach” will take you through your paces in an efficient 30 minutes. This intense training will push your physical and mental limits and is designed to give you maximum results in minimum time, all while building lean muscle mass and training your body to burn fat for hours post workout.
  • VIRTUAL CYCLING is a terrific option for anyone who isn’t able to attend a scheduled class. You pick the ride you want to take from the kiosk outside of the studio (choose from scenic rides or class formats of various lengths) and cycle when it is convenient for you. Invite your HAC friends to join in.

I encourage you to come in and give indoor cycling a try. Always let your instructor know if you are new to class, and he or she will make sure you are set up correctly on the bike. Join us and remember: it’s your workout; you are in control. Have fun, smile, burn away stored fat and calories, and let those exercise endorphins kick in! I look forward to seeing you in the RPM studio.

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